Bath and Body Works Employment Tips 2021

Bath and Body Works Employment Tips

What is it like to work at Bath & Body Works?

Usually, there are 4 managers at a Bath & Body Works store location. When non-busy hours, there might be just you and a manager in the store. Actually, Bath & Body Works hires a ton of entry-level employees. As a result, many employees state that they barely get any hours. This is simply because the company can’t give hours to everyone at the same time. If you are looking for a job where you want to work 3-4 hours a week, you should definitely consider applying to Bath & Body Works.

Lots of seasonal employees are hired at Bath & Body Works during holiday seasons because the stores are very busy during those times. Usually, your schedule is prepared a week in advance. However, you may often be called for work if there is an immediate need at the store, even if you don’t have any shifts according to your schedule. This might be the case for example on Christmas Eve.

There are many scents at a typical Bath & Body Works store, and they may give you headaches if you are a sensitive person. With that being said, the work environment at Bath & Body Works is really nice. There is playing good music and the customers are generally very nice. As a sales associate, you will seldom encounter problematic customers. Generally, the work environment is not so stressful and everyone is having a great time even if it is a busy day at the store. It is a fun job in general.

In addition to sales associate jobs, being a cashier at the register is also fun mostly because customers are nice in general. If you don’t love selling, we would advise you to learn the register and be really good at it, so they might put you at the register and you work as a cashier. You get a 20-30% in-store discount as a Bath & Body Works employee. Sometimes the managers give out small gifts to employees depending on their performance.

One thing that is special about Bath & Body Works stores is that the company headquarters want to re-design the interior store area at least once a month. This process is called floorset, where major objects within the store such as lotion tables and candle tables are moved and re-located within the store according to the map given by the company headquarters. New products are also sent to stores by the company headquarters to be placed within the store according to the map.

So, you do floorsets a lot. Changing the display at the store at least once a month is actually a lot of work. There is a lot of boxes such as lotion boxes and candle boxes at stores, and you have to carry a lot of boxes during floorsets. You also have to perform side tasks in addition to carrying items. These side tasks include mopping and sweeping the floor. The floorsets take 6 hours on average and happen during the night. People working at the stores reorganize the entire store in the night between workdays, and this often happens more than once a month. That’s a lot of hours if you are constantly called to work in the floorset process.

Now, we hope that you got an idea about entry-level employment at Bath & Body Works. You can also look at our other article about Bath & Body Works that explains the application steps, provides detailed information about job positions and definitions of some popular job positions at Bath & Body Works, the application form, and more.

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