Bath and Body Works Application Form Printable PDF

Bath & Body Works Application Form Printable PDF

The employment application form of Bath & Body Works consists of 5 pages.

  • At the top right corner, write the position, schedule, and salary/wage that you desire from your employment at the company.
  • Also, indicate the date you will be eligible to start working.
  • Then, write the date of today. Provide some personal information and answer some Yes/No questions.
  • Next, fill the table with your educational background.
  • Then list four of your previous job experiences and provide necessary information on the table.
  • Make sure that you answer the question below the table.
  • The second page includes sections such as Academic and Professional Activities and Achievements, Special Skills, Miscellaneous, Emergency Contact, and Availability.
  • Finally, you can read the statement. If you agree, sign the form and write the date.
  • The remaining three pages are supplementary to the application form.

We highly recommend that you fill out all five pages of the form before you submit it to the company.

Bath & Body Works Job Application Form

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