24 Hour Fitness Application Online & PDF 2022

Company Info

24 Hour Fitness is a fitness center chain, privately owned and operated. Now, 24 Hour Fitness has over 4 million members and more than 420 clubs in 13 US states. The fitness centers are operating with more than 22,000 employees in total.

24 Hour Fitness Application Online

Job Application Form PDF

Since 24 Hour Fitness doesn’t offer any printable job application form on the web, it is recommended that you visit the official company career website of 24 Hour Fitness and submit an online application for the job.

Printable Job Application Form PDF: Not available.

How To Apply Online

Follow these steps in order to successfully submit an online application to 24 Hour Fitness:

  1. Go to the official career website of 24 Hour Fitness.
  2. Click either “Club Careers” or “Corporate Careers”. Club Careers may be more suitable for you if you are looking for an entry-level job.
  3. Enter job titles or locations. Then search for jobs by clicking “Find Jobs”.
  4. On the new page, you can sort and filter jobs by relevance, city, state, area of interest, club, and title.
  5. Click a job title when you find an appealing job.
  6. Read the job description page. Click “Apply Now” to begin.
  7. A similar page will open again. Skim through the page. Then click “APPLY” at the top right corner.
  8. You should sign in to advance to the online job application form.

Job Positions

  • Sales and Service Associate
  • Sales and Service Expert
  • Fitness Coach
  • Fitness Manager

Job Descriptions

Sales and Service Associate

The sales and service associate position at 24 Hour Fitness may be an ideal job for those who are interested in the customer service sector. You are going to work as a brand ambassador and help potential customers by answering their questions and providing information. Your goal is to turn potential customers into subscribed members.

You need to feel comfortable talking to new people and pay attention to your overall looks. In addition to this, having good communication skills and being a representable person will be in your favor. Of course, you also need to be supportive and encourage members to work out and become the company’s members.


24 Hour Fitness is committed to people’s health and wellness and is constantly looking for employees who are committed to the same cause! Each and every club of the 24 Hour Fitness family is full of people that are not afraid of challenges and full of motivation.

The quality of the work and heartwarming support provided by the 24 Hour Fitness team is what makes working at 24 Hour Fitness special. If motivating people is the thing that motivates you, you should join the amazing 24 Hour Fitness family!

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