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Wegmans is a well-known American supermarket chain. It was founded in 1916 in Rochester, New York as “Rochester Fruit and Vegetable Company”. In 1930, the name shifted to Wegmans. Today, there are 98 Wegmans store in multiple states. In these stores, an estimate of 49,000 employees are currently working. In 2018, Wegmans achieved 2nd rank in the list of best companies to be an employee in.

Wegmans Jobs

If you have a passion to provide quality service and to get in return for your effort in term of career advancement and pro-employee workplace conditions. Settling down in your career and shape its way based upon reliable and pro-employee super-market store or just experiencing warm and professional environment may be the chance you need.

How to Apply

There is a high probability of having a Wegmans store in your location. You can learn whether that store is currently searching for new employees or not. Visit the official job application website by clicking here.

In the official website, here are the simple steps that you will do, in order to make an online job application:

  1. Go to the official website.
  2. In the search bar, write what would you love to do and where would you like to do it, in order to search the best results for your job search. Press “Search”.
  3. You will see the job opening list.
  4. If there is no job opening currently, you will see a list of Hiring Events.
  5. Click on one of them, read the following page, and press “Apply” to pave the way for your job application to Wegmans.

Basic Information

Minimum Age to Work: 16

Hours of Operation: Always open.

Job Positions: Cashier, cook, deli customer service.

Printable Job Application Form PDF: Not available.

Positions & Salaries

Wegmans Job Application Form PDF/Printout

Cashier: You will be receiving payments at the checkout. You will also perform bagging of the products after you scan them. You will earn $8-11/hour.

Prerequisite: None.

Cook: You will be responsible for preparation of the food at the culinary department. You will earn $10.50/hour.

Prerequisite: None.

Deli Customer Service: You will be the one who presents all the food that are being sold at the Wegmans store. You may need to assist customers and packaging and unloading the products when necessary. You will earn $9/hour.

Prerequisite: None.

Wegmans Application Form PDF

The printable job application form for Wegmans is unfortunately not available at the moment. Check the official website for an online application.

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