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United Supermarkets Application Online

United Supermarket is a family owned grocery store.Its location is in the northwest of Texas and eastern part of new Mexico.The grocery store provides bakery products, meat products, floral products e.t.c.The company was founded in 1916, and its headquarters is in   Lubbock Texas.With its network of over fifty locations serving more than a million customers each week.The chain store is in need of passionately committed employees who can provide ultimate care for their clients.

United Supermarkets hiring

In Canyon, TX  a job is available for produce clerk.The clerk will help in performing all the production processing,  doing stock procedures maintaining sanitation and safety on  all fresh products manufactured.His other responsibilities  include

  • Following the daily work schedules assigned by the management.
  • Perform production duties like stocking, clean up, wrapping as allocated by the manager.
  • Perform other related duties as requested by the manager.
  • The qualifications required for this job are
  • Ability to work fast in a fast paced environment in controlled and efficient manner
  • Able to be coached by a supervisor about work habits, attitude, and performance

In Amarillo, Tx a job vacancy Food Service Clerk position is available. The clerk will be responsible for relating with guest and ensure they are satisfied.Additionally; his other roles will include waiting for the guest in a coffee shop, Texas Comfort, deli and epicurean kitchen area.Other responsibilities include.

  • Providing quick service by business standards
  • Maintaining proper portioning of food products
  • Keeping food products at appropriate temperature
  • Perform other duties when requested by the manager
  • The qualifications required for this position are
  • Must be over 18 years of age
  • Able to stand for extended periods of time
  • Able to get along with other employees and work as a team member

Still, in Amarillo TX a job vacancy is available for a night stocker position.The night stocker’s role will involve stocking of shelves, cleaning up of spills and other general housekeeping duties.His other duties include

  • Following work schedules assigned by the manager
  • Perform stocking roles like lifting, blocking, dusting, ordering, facing, etc
  • Perform other related duties when requested by the manager
  • The qualifications for this job are
  • Must be over 18 years old
  • Able to operate backroom equipment like box baler

In Wichita Falls, TX a job vacancy for a Pharmacy Clerk is available.  The clerk will be responsible for ensuring the guests are satisfied. Furthermore, he will be responsible for the safeness, efficient and effective operation of the task within the pharmacy.His other responsibilities include

  • Being accountable to guests and building reputation for guest service
  • Cleaning and stocking store shelves
  • Order stock for the pharmacy
  • The qualification required for this job include
  • Must be experienced in-store retailing
  • United Supermarket application online

If you’re seeking for a job in this supermarket, you can apply in two ways.One is through online, and the other in paper form.United family manages the online network.The details on the job openings, as well as the application ways and the interview process are provided for during the application process.

United supermarket openings and opportunities

Being a grocery store based in Texas with a network of over fifty locations and serving more than a million guests per week this supermarket has job openings for various positions.This include

Market cleanup

  • Assistance service manager
  • Bakery department clerk
  • Cashier
  • Night Stocker e.t.c
  • Apply for United Supermarkets

Two ways are available for job application in this supermarket one is through online, and the other one is in paper form. When applying using the paper form,  you’ll need to provide your necessary information in the application form or application pdf so as to submit the application successfully.

You can apply here.

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