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Target Online Application

The 2nd largest discount chain of stores in the US, Target is just behind WalMart and operates with around 65 billion USD revenue annually since 2016.

Target is a huge chain comprising of over 1820 locations as of 2017 figures in the US and other countries. It was started 115 years ago by George Dayton and is operated from Minnesota, USA.

This infrastructure is supported by 340,000+ employees and staff with full-time and part time careers. It also has subsidiaries in financial services.

Open Positions: Senior Team Leader, Cashier, Team Member, Retail Sales Associate, Merchandise Flow Team Member, Backroom Associate, Customer Service Associate / Cashier.

How to Apply Target: Official Site

Target Job Application Online

You have to look up its career section from the “more” dropdown at the very bottom of the page. It leads you to 3 categories broadly: stores and distribution, corporate and a special place for internships.

Thus, it is ideal for job application for 17 year olds. But, you have to make an online account and look up particular openings before applying. The job application process begins with selecting a job at your nearest store.

Target Part Time Jobs

The part time jobs for 17 year olds at Target tend towards hourly and entry-level roles only since they need no experience. They have a basic pay ranging from $9 to $15 or above, based on location and role.

Some of them like cashier, floor team member, and other team members get around $9.3 per hour on an average in the US. You can look up hourly jobs directly using the keyword and location-based search too.

Target Will Take on Staff

They took on staff through online job posting. You can also stay updated through job alerts through your account and social media.

For part time jobs, you can inquire at in-store managers at your nearest store. These are available mostly in-store and distribution centers only. For others, applying online is recommended.

Target Job Application Form

You need to fill up a single job application form and build an online resume.

You can create a single account and apply for many positions and track your progress as well. You cannot apply using offline job application PDF route.

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