Smith’s Food And Drug Job Application 2019

Smiths Food and Drug Online Application

Currently owned by Kroger, Smiths Food and Drug was founded way back in 1911 in Utah, USA.

Named after its founder Lorenzo Smith, it serves with 132 locations, as of 2014 figures, and supported by some 1500 employees involving mostly part time careers. It is a prominent regional supermarket chain in Bringham City and around.

Open Positions: Courtesy Associate, Cashier, Customer Service Representative, Deli Associate, Customer Service Manager, Front End Manager, Produce Manager.

How to Apply Smith’s Food And Drug: Official Site

Smiths Food and Drug Job Application Online

Their main site has the careers link at the very bottom under about the company. Hitting that takes you to a simple keyword and location-based search tool with a few latest jobs posted below it.

For job application for 17 year olds, look into appropriate keywords. On clicking any of these job vacancies, you find their description, and hitting applies button initiates your job application process.

Smiths Food and Drug Part Time Jobs

When you build your resume online you can apply to multiple part time jobs for 17 year olds. These are entry level jobs with no prior experience required.

They pay you around $8.4/hr for a cashier, clerk, and bagger while $15 goes to customer service manager.

Smiths Food and Drug Will Take on Staff

Apart from the online job posting, you may follow them on social media and join their talent community for further insights on part time jobs.

Smiths Food and Drug Job Application Form

The job application form is a single account that works for multiple applications. There is no offline way using printed submissions of job application PDF anywhere.

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