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Payless ShoeSource Application Online

Payless ShoeSource started as “Volume Shoes” in Topeka, Kansas in 1950, and it only used its current banner in the early 1970s. Nonetheless, they maintained their unique self-select concept where buyers are encouraged to see the shoes for themselves. Payless ShoeSource Logo
The company also takes pride in having one of the widest selections of footwear at a discounted price for people across all ages. Moreover, their mission to give cheap but high-quality merchandise does not stop them from giving back to their local communities through basic provisions for the people in need.

Payless ShoeSource Hiring

With over 4000 stores across 30 international locations, Payless ShoeSource looks to hire exceptional individuals who are willing to help the company maintain the quality of service in each location. Some of the most frequently opened job positions at Payless ShoeSource are the following:

  • Sales Associate: Providing customers with friendly and effective service is one of the main priority responsibilities of sales associates. As such, the company looks for individuals with previous experience and working knowledge on the merchandise industry along with good interpersonal skills to engage customers properly.
  • Sales Representatives: This job position requires applicants to have good presentation skills because majority of their duties involve introducing product features and its advantages compared to other products. As such, the sales of their assigned product will be the basis for their performance.
  • Financial Analysts: They thoroughly examine financial reports and analyze costs to determine feasible cost-efficient strategies for the company. As such, they must have a good grasp of accounting functions to develop new economic strategies and recommendations that will not compromise quality of service.
  • Assistant Store Leader: The main objective of Assistant Store Leaders is to perform regular associate duties while learning store management techniques and strategies. Moreover, they must have basic math and computer skills as well as interpersonal skills for handling customer service and interviewing applicants.

Aside from the aforementioned positions, there are more entry-level, managerial, human resource, and research positions available at Payless ShoeSource. Some of the most coveted spots include the following:

  • Stock Room Associate
  • Key Holder
  • Merchandiser
  • Training Supervisor
  • Field Auditor
  • Human Resources Representative
  • Marketing Associate

Payless ShoeSource Online Hiring

Payless ShoeSource highly encourage applicants to apply online to avoid wasted time and effort for both applicants and store employees. They established a dedicated section within their website to accommodate job seekers. Interested individuals may visit the Payless ShoeSource website to access their job listings.

Payless ShoeSource Job Opportunities

Payless ShoeSource maintains that all applicants who are interested in working for the company must be at least 17 years of age. They give generous benefits to employees across all departments. Employee benefits, excluding compensation, include the following:

  • Medical and Dental Plan
  • Life Plan
  • Short-term and Long-Term Benefits
  • Commuter Benefit
  • Paid leave
  • Travel accident Insurance
  • Associate Discounts
  • Adoption Assistance

Apply for Payless ShoeSource

To apply for Payless ShoeSource, applicants must visit the company website and register. This registration process serves as the applicant’s resume. Consequently, the company does not provide any printable application forms for applicants.

Once registered, applicants may access the Payless ShoeSource job listing through This section of the company website allows applicants to select their desired position and location. For applicants looking for entry-level jobs in America, they must select “United States” under the Stores Opportunities section, which will lead them to a comprehensive list of jobs at Payless ShoeSource in America.

Afterwards, they can click their desired job position to reveal its description and corresponding requirements. Applicants must read everything on the page carefully before clicking the “Apply” button at the bottom. Furthermore, applicants have the option to email the page to a friend as a recommendation.

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