Hollister Job Application Form 2019

Hollister Online Application

A trendy chain of apparel stores based out of Southern California, Hollister is aimed at youngsters and young adults. It is owned by Abercrombie and Fitch. Founded in 2000, it has a presence in the US and some other countries outside of it.

In Ohio, Hollister has its headquarters. It is supported by some 578 locations including India, Hong Kong. You can look for part time careers in retail and in-store positions at your nearest outlets every season.

They are great for students with special events as well as active on social media like LinkedIn.

Open Positions: Courtesy Clerk, Deli Clerk , Barista, Help Wanted, Cashier, Customer Service Specialist.

How to Apply Hollister: Official Site

Hollister Job Application Online

You can find the link to careers section right at the bottom of the main website’s landing page. As mentioned above, it is run by A&F and you can find all jobs together in one place. You can find job application for 17 year olds too.

For starters, there are three categories: in-store, home office, and distribution centers. You have prominent job types for store and office. The search tool is under the “apply now” button. This is where the actual job application process begins.

Hollister Part Time Jobs

Hollister posts all jobs through the same portal above. This includes part time jobs for 17 year olds as well, including full-time and internships as well.

This is a great start. The brand representatives and sales associate get $8/hr while an assistant manager gets $14/hr on an average in the US. Many other roles are similarly paid.

Hollister Will Take on Staff

Hollister also takes staff from colleges including students for part time jobs. There is a special section dedicated to them as well.

On LinkedIn, you can stay updated, where they post jobs listed in the careers section above. You need to sign in to get personal job recommendations.

Hollister Job Application Form

You can start filling your job application form online after a job selection. You don’t have to fill up the prior experience for entry-level hourly jobs, as teens.

There is no job application PDF available for download or otherwise.

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