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Food Maxx Application Online

Food Maxx provides employment opportunity for young people looking for jobs across North California.This store is an excellent place for young and hardworking individuals who wish to start on entry level job as bag handler or cashier assistant.Starting at these levels will make their work get noticed and thus be promoted to the high position.Furthermore, workers in this store are registered with unions thus it becomes difficult to fire them.

Food Maxx Hiring

Service specialist

In Tehachapi CA a job position for service specialist is available.This is an entry level position job with opportunities for growth and learn. The role of the service specialist involves providing friendly and efficient customer service and creating a welcoming and friendly business atmosphere.Among the requirements for this job, include

  • Being over 16 years
  • Ability to read and write proficiently
  • Able to provide excellent customer service
  • Be a team player willing to learn and work hard

In Sparks NV grocery clerk job is available.The clerk’s duty will involve operating a check stand, stocking groceries adequately on shelves, pricing new items and making sure price changes are carried out. Furthermore, the clerk will be needed to maintain cleanliness and neatness and assist customers to find their required grocery product among the requirements for this job include

  • Be over 18 years old
  • Able to provide excellent customer service
  • Able to work on various shifts e.t.c

In Merced CA a driver’s  job vacancy is available among.The driver’s duty involves applying knowledge of driving regulations, transportation and delivery of items to and from the warehouse and other locations.This position requires timely delivery of items,  understanding different documents for transportation and demonstrating safe driving practices.To be eligible for the post you must prove your work experience as a truck driver, be able to drive long hours regularly, have excellent communication skills both written and oral and have extensive knowledge of rules and regulations in truck driving.


In Sparks NV a managerial position available, and the work varies by job title, and it involves

  1. Administration
  2. Supervisory
  • Marketing etc.Department managers workday include
  • Hiring and training of entry level workers
  • Assigning duties
  • Engage with the clients etc.
  • The assistant manager’s responsibility involves
  • Carrying departmental and operational functions and assisting the store manager.The store manager’s responsibility include taking inventory
  • Shipping and receiving goods
  • Communicating with the cooperate offices etc

Food Maxx Application Online Hiring

If you possess the ability to meet with hiring personnel requirements when handing over your application form or submit your documents online, you’ll stand a greater chance of earning attention over others.As an associate, you’ll need to make sure you’ve spent at least ten munites talking with the supervisor regarding hiring position.  Getting to know current employees will also help you to land jobs at this store’s branches.Also, any experience in the supermarket will be an added advantage on you.

Food Maxx Job Openings and Opportunities

Found across northern California this store has available vacancies for positions like

  • Assistant store manager,
  • Bakery clerk
  • Meat clerk
  • Administrative assistant
  • General store manager
  • Transport supervisor, etc.

As an employee you’ll be expected to work for a full or part time the whole week.

Apply for Food Maxx

When you’re applying for food Maxx online job application, you’ll need first to click on the store’s locator’s link at the top of the site. Then click on carrier button on the top center of the site’s page to view the job openings. At the foot of carrier, page chose three job categories to be able to read job descriptions for the position available. To complete the job application form, you’ll need to select the ‘click here’ options at the pages’ bottom and put in your zip code.

Apply here.

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