Fallas Discount Store Job Application Form 2018

Fallas Discount Store Online Application

Still a family-owned company, Fallas Discount Store was established in 1962 in Los Angeles, California, USA. It has spanned over 350+ locations as of today in the US covering 22 states in Puerto Rico.

It is a range of apparel and household items at discounted rates. It is operated by CEO Michael Fallas. It, thus, offers some respite to staffing local people in full time and part time careers in new locations and outlets.

Open Positions: Sales Associate, Cashier, Store Manager, Customer Service Associate / Cashier, Assistant Manager.

How to Apply Fallas Discount Store: Official Site

Fallas Discount Store Job Application Online

You can find the link to career opportunities at the top of the webpage. This takes you to a simple page with benefits listed on the top.

You can begin your job application process by clicking the job posted online and sending the resume. It has a PDF that can be used to fill up for full-time jobs or job application for 17 year olds for internships and other hourly roles, as per your experience.

The online medium is through third-party sites only such as LinkedIn and Indeed, being the only two currently recommended.

Fallas Discount Store Part Time Jobs

The roles are quite challenging even for beginners. The part time jobs for 17 year olds can be found through the same in-store direct application.

The basic pay ranges from $8.9 to $13.5 on an average in the US. Some of these include assistant manager that gets $12.6, cashier/sales associate who gets $9.7 and $8.8 per hour, respectively. Of course, you have a key holder, store manager, key carrier and so on.

Fallas Discount Store Will Take on Staff

It takes on staff through in-store applications, along with the above job sites. The online application is not advanced. You can look out for part time jobs as well through these third-party job sites.

Fallas Discount Store Job Application Form

It has an attached job application PDF that you can use to fill and directly apply in the store where you wish to look for a job. Apart from that, there is no job application form, as in case of the online process.

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