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Fallas Discount Store Application Online

Joseph Fallas founded Fallas Discount Store in Los Angeles, California as a part of the National Stores Company. This retail store offers clothes, shoes and accessories at a discounted price. They started as a single store in 1962 and have grown to be one of the most successful retail chains in the U.S.

They own a large part of their success to their pricing strategy. Their business philosophy commits in providing the lowest prices in America for quality merchandise.

Fallas Discount Store Hiring

They now have over 350 stores in over 20 states including Puerto Rico, New Mexico, and Texas. In order to keep each of their stores running at full efficiency, they need exceptional individuals to take on important store maintenance and management roles. Here is a list and corresponding description of common entry-level jobs at Fallas Discount Store:

  • Key Holder: They are primarily responsible for opening and closing the store on designated hours. Moreover, they assist in daily store management and can perform sales associate responsibilities. They can also train new employees and do managerial duties when a manager is unavailable.
  • Product Specialists: They must maintain proper understanding of the features of their respective products to assist and attend to any inquiry. Furthermore, they must be aware of current product trends as well as current store policies and upcoming promos.
  • Cashiers: They assist customers in unloading their basket and process their order through the cash register. They must also be aware of store policies to ensure that they serve customers without error. Lastly, since cashiers will be the last employee to interact with a customer, they must perform their task with customer satisfaction in mind.
  • Stock Associate: They maintain the stock room and ensure that deliverables are stored properly to avoid incurring loses. They also keep the entire workplace clean and organized for customers and other employees.
  • Distribution Specialist: They work closely with distribution centers and its logistics crew to ensure that each store receives their respective merchandise. As such, these individuals have to be constantly aware of market prices, and they must also be strict on schedules of delivery.

Fallas Discount Store Online Hiring

Online application is the simplest and easiest way for interested individuals to apply for a position at Fallas Discount Store. By visiting their dedicated website, applicants may fill up an application form and apply directly. Applicants may view vacant positions at the company website or at affiliated third party websites that comprehensively summarizes available jobs.

However, the company strongly suggests that interested individuals apply personally at the concerned store to get a first-hand interaction and make a good first impression on the manager. Usually, managers take three to four weeks before contacting shortlisted applicants. Consequently, applicants who made an initial impression and regularly sought an update on the application have a slightly higher chance of getting shortlisted.

Fallas Discount Store Job Opportunities

For people who have talent and passion for fashion, Fallas Discount Store has numerous opportunities to put their talent into good and profitable use. The company offers several positions that require good understanding of fashion trends to facilitate sales.

Additionally, every employee at Fallas Discount Store receives ample benefits which include the following:

  • Health insurance
  • Paid leave
  • Employee Discounts on Merchandise
  • Promotion Opportunities

Apply for Fallas Discount Store

Fallas Discount Store offers ample opportunities for committed individuals to work for the company. Unfortunately, they do not offer a downloadable and printable application form.

Since openings on each store are under the supervision of the local manager, they encourage applicants to request for a free application form at the specific store that posted a job opening. Afterwards, they must submit the accomplished application form along with the requested documents and a neat and well-organized resume.

You can apply here.

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