Fallas Discount Store Job Application Form 2019

Welcome to Fallas Discount Stores, a family-owned clothing and household items company in the US. The company is a subcompany of National Stores Inc., which was founded on 1962 in Los Angeles, California by Joseph Fallas.

This is the right time for you to start working for Fallas Discount Stores, as the company is a big family with 9800 employees, having 344 stores in 22 different states in the US and Puerto Rico. As well as Fallas Discount Stores provide the customers with quality products, the company provides its employees with good work conditions and pays, too. After you start working for this company, you pave the way for living a high-quality life by having a good job.

Fallas Discount Store Job Application

Different job opportunities are available in Fallas Discount Stores, which all of them needs your participation and productivity. Below, you can see the available positions and job opportunities in this company. Many people have been joined to this company in the past years to make the company one of the biggest companies in its field.

After you finish reading our website, you can also check the official web site of Fallas Discount Stores, in which you can find job openings and career opportunities in the company. Choose the job that fits best with your expectations and start a successful career! Eventually, if you are interested in application to Fallas Discount Stores, you can see the available jobs below.”

It is a range of apparel and household items at discounted rates. It is operated by CEO Michael Fallas. It, thus, offers some respite to staffing local people in full time and part time careers in new locations and outlets.

Open Positions: Sales Associate, Cashier, Store Manager, Customer Service Associate / Cashier, Assistant Manager.

Application Form PDF: Yes

Online Application: Click

Fallas Discount Store Job Application Online

You can find the link to career opportunities at the top of the webpage. This takes you to a simple page with benefits listed on the top.

fallas discount store jobs

You can begin your job application process by clicking the job posted online and sending the resume. It has a PDF that can be used to fill up for full-time jobs or job application for 17 year olds for internships and other hourly roles, as per your experience.

The online medium is through third-party sites only such as LinkedIn and Indeed, being the only two currently recommended.

Fallas Discount Store Part Time Jobs

The roles are quite challenging even for beginners. The part time jobs for 17 year olds can be found through the same in-store direct application.

The basic pay ranges from $8.9 to $13.5 on an average in the US. Some of these include assistant manager that gets $12.6, cashier/sales associate who gets $9.7 and $8.8 per hour, respectively. Of course, you have a key holder, store manager, key carrier and so on.

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