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Fairway Market Online Application

It’s easy to make an online job application to Fairway Market.

  1. Go to Fairway Market’s website.
  2. Click on the Human Resources section of Fairway Market’s web site.
  3. You can make “Fairway Market job application” from the opening page.

Apart from the above steps, you can also follow Fairway Market’s job advertisements from career sites and apply for a job.

Apply Online!

Fairway Market Jobs

The history of Fairway started in 1933 with Nathan Glickberg. He founded a small fruit and vegetable stand simply to support his family.

In 1954, Nathan and his son, Leo, partnered to create the beginnings of the first store at 74th St. and Broadway. At this time they decided to rename the business and Leo’s wife (Cynthia) suggested using the name Fairway because her own father had successfully operated a business under that name.

She felt it was a lucky name. In 1974, after having grown up learning the family trade, Leo’s son, Howie Glickberg, came into the business with a bigger dream and grander vision of growing Fairway.

Fairway Market Open Positions: Produce Clerk, Office Manager, Supervisor, General Manager, Customer Service Representative, Receiver, Department Manager, Cashier.

Fairway Market Team Member Description

Fairway Market wants to ensure that all of our customers are receiving the best shopping experience each time they walk into our store. The Cashier Clerk is an integral part of the Fairway Market experience. As a Cashier Clerk, you work on the sales floor to proactively engage customers and create opportunities to upsell and cross sell Fairway products.

Fairway Market Team Member Requirements

  • Good working knowledge of food quality, hygiene and sanitation, kitchen safety and food preparation
  • Strong Customer Service skills and ability to interact with other people and participate actively in department and staff meetings.
  • Strong teamwork and diversity awareness and ability to recognize and welcome differences among people and resolve conflicts respectfully and in a timely manner.

Fairway Market Job Application Form PDF/Printout

Fairway Market print job application form is unfortunately not available.

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