Costco Job Application Form 2019

Costco Online Application

By applying Costco you may join Costco’s family. At the same time you will be able to look for Costco job postings and apply to any notices you like.

Open Positions: Forklift Driver, Stocker, Receiving Appointment Clerk, Optical Sales Assistant, Pharmacy Technician, Pharmacist, Photo Lab Assistant, Photo Lab Clerk, Print Shop Assistant, Inventory Clerk, Payroll Clerk, Truck Driver, Order Picker, Hair Technician, Hair Stylist, Nail Technician, Customer Service Representative, Sales Associate, Cashier, Cashier Assistant, Baker, Cake Decorator, Sanitation Assistant, Food Service Assistant, Maintenance Assistant, Skilled Maintenance Technician, Membership Assistant, Membership Refund Cashier, Meat Cutter

Costco is one among the chain of warehouses that sells goods at wholesale prices for members-only shoppers.  Its revenue was summed to be 169 billion in 2017.

It has been in news for building the largest chicken farm in America and also employing people from all skill sets and disciplines for full time and part time careers. It holds pharmacy, groceries, fitness products, and electronics among its other categories.

Since its inception, it has grown manifold times. It offers services for members across genres beginning with gasoline to home installations and much more.

Costco Job Application

Costco Job Application Online

The Costco job application process offers limited interaction through an online site. The site is difficult to parse, but job application form can be submitted through a resume to provided emails.

There are various categories like licensed professions, IT opportunities, and regional and statewide opportunities. They all point to different links online.

How to Apply Costco Jobs: Search Job Openings

Costco Part Time Jobs

Crowned the world’s largest retailer only second to Wal-Mart, it employs people across its 741 plus locations. It employs veterans and allows job application for 17 year olds too, after 18 year barrier.

It was taken in seasonal staff and employs regular hourly people for Costco’s part time jobs. It offers jobs across depots, call centers, corporate sector in home offices.

Costco Will Take on Staff

Their hourly staff includes all usual positions like cashier, its assistant, stocker, membership assistant, and food service assistant and so on.

The pay scale is at par varying between $13 and $18 per hour for night stocker to a certified pharmacy technician. The salary entails its outlets in the US and can vary from one location to another.

The take on staff enjoys 401k plan, vacation and paid time off, and health insurance like others. It includes co-pay and surprise bills from dentists, at times.

Costco Job Application Form

There is no provision for job application PDF download or printed materials so far. Also, Costco part time jobs for 17 year olds as internships or training period during college are not explicitly mentioned on the website.



Printable Application PDF/Form: Costco Application


About Costco

The entire history of Costco began with Sol Price and his son, Robert, opening the first Price Club warehouse on July 12, 1976 on Morena Boulevard in San Diego, California, thus giving birth to a totally new concept: a retail warehouse club.

The Price family placed Price Club Warehouse #1 inside a series of old airplane hangars previously owned by Howard Hughes; that warehouse, now known as Costco Warehouse #401, is still in operation today.

In the United States, the main competitors operating membership warehouses are Sam’s Club and BJ’s Wholesale Club. Costco employs about 174,000 full and part-time employees. As of February 2013, Costco had 71.2 million members.

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