Chicken Express Job Application Form 2019

Application for Chicken Express Online

Chicken Express is a retail chain fast food restaurant located in the southern of U.S.This Texas-based fast food restaurant boasts of nearly two hundred locations across the U.S.  As a job seeker; you’ll be able to find the entry level and managerial jobs in this company.The restaurant hires applicants who have upbeat attitudes, friendly disposition, and promising work ethics.You can apply for employment in this restaurant by submitting your application online

Chicken express hiring

In Fort Worth, Texas the restaurant is hiring managers to one of its stores.To be eligible for hire to a managerial position you must have one-year administrative experience in the restaurant industry when applying you’ll need to present yourself in the store’s premises in the afternoon(2pm-5mp) from Monday to Friday together with your resume.The requirements for this job  include

  • Driver’s license that is valid
  • Minimum age of 21 years

Still, in Fort Worth Texas, a managerial position for a job called chicken express Fortworth manager is available.To be considered for this position you must have administrative experience.The store is located from Paschal high school and is close to  TCU thus making it fun  and busy shop to work every day.Upon the requirements needed for the job include

  • A valid driver’s license
  • Must have attained minimum age of 21 years

In Dallas Texas, all positions are available for hire in Lemmon Ave restaurant.The restaurant needs employees who are friendly and fun people.The requirement for the job title includes a minimum age of sixteen years.

In the Grand Prairie, Texas jobs are available for all positions.These positions include cook, cashier, and backwash.The restaurant provides a better place to work yourself up to higher levels.The requirements for this job is a minimum age of sixteen years.

In Holbrook AZ general managerial assistance job is available.The roles of the assistant manager will include providing support to quick serve the general manager in leadership, marketing, and operational functions.His other job will include staff training, supervision, and hiring.To maximize the company’s profitability and enable it to maintain a robust and loyal customer base within the business’s policies the manager will be responsible for the restaurant’s functions while managing the employee’s shift.It is also expected that he’ll work together with the general manager in building and maintain a robust  and dynamic team.

In Vali resorts cleaning attend job is available.If you’re ambitious, brave and passionate, then this job is well suited for you.The company is looking for quality driven and the hospitality oriented person who’s committed to working with other team members.Among the responsibility for this job include sweeping, mopping, vacuuming and general cleaning.The qualification for this job  include

  • Ability to stand for over eight hours
  • Be available to work on weekends and holidays
  • Must have a positive attitude and work ethics that are strong

Chicken Express application online

Once you’ve known how to apply for jobs at this restaurant’s online sites, you’ll be able to search for the right jobs.However the online application is not possible, so you’ll need to download the form, fill it and directly apply at your local store.Sometimes it may take long to receive any feedback, but in case you don’t get any response in two weeks you can visit your local store.

Chicken Express job openings and opportunities

Found in Texas this fast food chain restaurant offers job vacancies for various positions.This include

  • Assistant restaurant manager
  • Cashier
  • Dishwasher
  • Cook
  • Marketing manager, etc

Apply for chicken express

When applying for a job in Chicken Express restaurant, you’ll need to download an application form from the company’s website print, fill and make direct application to your local store.

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